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Johathan Chevreau, Financial Post columnist
“While the book (Finances After 55) covers the territory well – for both Canadian and American readers – it goes the extra mile by including a number of useful worksheets, checklists and spreadsheets..”

Nelson and Secora, KTLS (radio), Los Angeles
“If you’re looking to learn how to take the streamlining approach to personal budgeting, this is a book that I think everybody should have for themselves.”It’s books like Sylvia’s, books like your personal budgeting book, the Personal Budgeting Kit, that has helped turn me around.”

Chris Olsen, CTV News
“Sylvia’s book and others like it, offer practical tips on how to manage your money better. The key is getting started and doing the small things first, get use to success and being in control.”

Michael Kane, Vancouver Sun
“For all those readers who plan to manage their money more sensibly ….Sylvia Lim has some answers in her new book …”

Tony Wanless, Vancouver Province
“We’re borrowing here from Sylvia Lim’s SEPBK, ….. To pay down a mortgage faster.”

CGA (Certified General Accountants) Magazine
“Well, now the [budgeting] process is more simple with a new book by Sylvia Lim, CGA.”

Mark Forsyth, CBC Radio Almanac
“… practical tips for the financially terrified…”

Bob Sherwin, CHML Radio Hamilton, ON
“… Sylvia Lim, an expert on budgeting…”

Canadian Moneysaver
“… stands apart from other budgeting guide by providing tips and information to help you create a realistic, workable budget…”

Professional peer reviews

Cherith Cayford, CFP, RFP
“The key to acquiring good financial health is to gain control of your cash flow. This book shows you how.”

Dan McNeill, CFP, CGA
“I particularly liked the layout of Worksheet #7 on Revised Spending. It provides an easy way to quantify the planned savings when altering spending patterns.”

Articles and Interviews

Tips for Heading Off Crisis in a Downturn –special to The Province by Sylvia Lim
Tips for Heading Off Crisis in a Downturn

Catch up at any age — Fifty but not so nifty –David Aston – MoneySense magazine
Catch up at any age — Fifty but not so nifty

Sylvia Lim Become a $avvy $aver
Become a $avvy $aver

Sandra E. Martin – Senior Editor of Today’s Parents magazine
Find the Money
Find the Money

Sandra E. Martin, Smart Money columnist for the National Post
Part two of a column on Credit Cards, published on May 1st 2004.

Financial apathy creeps in everywhere, published July 24 2004.

Michael Kane, Money column Vancouver Sun
Excerpt from an article on budgeting and Sylvia Lim’s book “The Personal Budgeting Kit”

Other media interviews –

“CBC Radio Early Edition” with Rick Cluff
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“Global TV Sunday morning news” with Sophie Louie

“It’s Your Money Show” with Bill Bailey
Syndicated show heard on 360 radio stations across the country.

BC Bookworld
Gray Pride with Jeremy Twigg

National Post
Smart Money column with Sandra E Martin

Global TV
Saturday Morning News with Kerri Adams

Noon Hour News with Bruce McAllister

“Help for Shopaholics” with Melanie Chambers

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