More about the "Simple Essential Personal Budgeting Kit" Have you often thought about a sound and secure financial future for you and your family?  If the answer is yes, Sylvia is the person to contact.

She will provide you with valuable and professional advice that encompasses all of an individual’s needs.  Her personalized approach to planning your future is to help you identify, stay focused on achieving your goals.  She will take you one step at a time, and at a pace that is timely but comfortable for you in making your financial dreams a reality.

Some of these services are:

  • personal money goal setting and planning
  • tax return preparation
  • tax planning
  • retirement planning
  • charitable and gift giving
  • children’s educational planning
  • insurance needs review

Sylvia is a fee-based professional and does not sell any financial, investment or insurance products.  This assurance provides you with the peace of mind that her advice are objective and truly provided with your best interest in mind.

Some beneficial year-end tax reminders for individuals –

  1. donate winning securities before year-end for enhanced tax benefits;
  2. tax loss selling before year-end;
  3. RESP contributions;
  4. determine if payment of medical and dental expenses before year-end is advantageous for the current year for tax claim purpose;
  5. where applicable, review current year’s employment expenses to maximize deductibility for tax purpose;
  6. pension income splitting consideration

New clients are accepted by referral only.

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