Save your money $$$

Here are some concrete saving ideas to help you keep more of your money.   Read my recent posts on how to save over $42,500 in just 7 years, even with only a 4% rate of return!

1)   Do not impulse buy, only shop for what’s on your prepared list;
(Studies have shown that as much as $3,700 a year is wasted on unnecessary purchases.)


2)   Lunch in (not out) more often;
(A average savings of at least $5 per meal when not lunching out.  Do this twice a week and you will save $520 a year.)

lunch in, save money

lunch in, save money


3)   Stop food waste, be creative with leftovers;
(Studies have shown that as much as 35% of our food ends up being wasted, or $2,200 year.)


4)   Pay your credit card bills on time;
(It’s obvious, many dollars can be saved when you stop those 18% to 20% interest charges levied by your credit card companies.)

no more credit card late payments!

no more credit card late payments!


5)   Look for cheaper phone plans;
(Even a savings of $20 a month in your phone plan will save you $240 a year.)


Add up all your savings and you are well on your way to top up your TFSA for a more secured future!

see your money grow!

see your money grow!

What are you doing for the rest of your life?

It’s time to take a reality check.   We are all living longer.  So the answer to the question ‘what are you doing for the rest of your life?’ takes on more importance as we age.

Today, many younger retirees are transitioning back from full retirement to part-time entrepreneurship.   How satisfying is it to engage in an activity  you love and making a business out of doing so?   Channeling your passion into something profitable is always an exciting venture.

Some fun and unique businesses that’s been popping up include:

1)   be a local tour guide if you live close to a popular tourist location.
For example, a number of retired Vancouverites are guides and commentators.  Leading small and specialized groups on nature hikes, architectural walks, and local art crawls.

   sharing diy experience
2)   presenting seminars in your area of knowledge, experience, expertise at local colleges and community centres;

   handmade soaps
3)   making and selling craft products and unique services.
For example, a retired teacher is now an entrepreneurial soapmaker selling fragrant soaps online as well as holding workshops on how soaps are made.

So go ahead, think of a way to marry your hobby or interest into something profitable now that you have the time!