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It’s amazing how fast time passes.   In a blink of an eye, we’re smack in the middle of summer already.   I know it’s easy to focus on BBQs, beaches and holidays this time of the year but it should also be the time to review your investments.

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Depending on the size of your portfolio, reviews are best done regularly.  At least once if not more times yearly.

Are you –

1)   re-balancing your investments to re-align with your long and short term objectives?   This may be a good time to take some profit (sell) and reinvest (buy) some other appropriate investments.

2)   looking at the tax efficiency of your investments?   This may include keeping fully taxable investments in registered accounts and tax advantaged ones in cash accounts.

3)   looking at re-aligning your investments to fit your risk tolerance level.

With September around the corner, make it a great tradition to review your assets now before the back-to-school season starts!

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