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By Sylvia Lim CGA, CFP

Five areas to help you save $100 a month!

You can do it. A bit of spending awareness can help you save money painlessly each month. Here are ideas to help you get started and stretch your budget.

Dining out:

  • Most families eat out at least twice a week, some as many as four or five times! Cut back your dining out habit by only once a month and save yourself at least $30.
  • Substitute one ‘dining out’ meal with a ‘pick up main course’ meal. This helps you save on the price of the bread and butter, salads and beverages. This can easily save you $15.


  • Buy ‘in season’ fruits and vegetables. Be flexible in your meal planning and take advantage of weekly store specials. This can save you at least $10.
  • Buy in bulk your basic grocery essentials. For example, buy four liters of milk instead of one liter at a time. Freeze the extras until you need it and save your money. This can easily save you $15.

Banking and credit card matters:

  • Track your ATM and debit card transactions. These habits may be costly conveniences. Curb their uses or shop for a good package plan can save you $10.
  • Average bank credit card charges 18.5% in interest rate. Switch to a ‘low rate’ card can easily help you save $8 if your average credit card balance is $1,000. Save more by paying the balance off.

Personal care:

  • Instead of expensive facial cleansers, use powdered milk! This can save you $7.
  • Have your haircut every 6 weeks instead of every 4. This can save you $7.

Household products:

  • Make your own all purpose cleaner. Mix together 1/4c baking soda, 1c ammonia, ½c vinegar and 1 gallon of warm water. This helps save $3.
  • Don’t buy carpet deodorant. Sprinkle baking soda on carpet instead. Wait 15 minutes and vacuum. This will save you $3.

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