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We’ve been encouraged to get on board with cloud computing technology, at the same time when we’re reading about celebrities’ accounts in the cloud being hacked and content compromised.    The message is clear in my mind.   Cloud is convenient and easy to use but be very, very cautious how and what you use the cloud for.

It’s best to keep in mind that when you use the cloud, you’re really storing your information on someone else’ computer.   That computer is very big with many potential access points (servers).   It would be wise not to use the cloud beyond storing non-confidential content, such as family photos that you would be willing to share with family and friends.

I would suggest that backup of personal and confidential information on your computer should remain within your own sphere, including hard drive and paper backups.   This will minimize the possibility of information inadvertently end up in the wrong hands and that they are under your control in most cases.

Here’s a good article for small business advice on cloud computing –  A number of the cautions mentioned also applies to individuals using the cloud.

So happy (cloud) computing, but beware of those unexpected thunderstorms!!!




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